To enhance your e-bike experience and make your ride safer and more comfortable, there are some accessories that are necessary. We have compiled a list of the 10 must-have accessories for electric bikes.

I. Helmet

Riding an e-bike can be a thrilling and efficient way to get around, but like any form of active transportation, it does come with risks.

One of the most effective ways to protect yourself while riding is by wearing a helmet. In the unfortunate event of a crash or fall, a helmet can significantly reduce your risk of serious head injury.

E-bikes typically travel at higher speeds than conventional bikes, which can increase the severity of injuries in a crash, making the helmet's role even more crucial.

Different Types of Helmets

There are several types of helmets on the market, each designed for different kinds of riding:

  • Road Bike Helmets: These are lightweight and designed to provide ventilation with many air vents. They are good for riding on roads where speeds can be high.
  • Mountain Bike Helmets: These helmets provide more coverage to the back and sides of your head compared to road bike helmets. They are designed for slower speed crashes in all directions.
  • Commuter Helmets: Designed for riding in traffic. They tend to have more style but have fewer vents than road bike helmets. Some models include features like lights or rain visors.
  • BMX Helmets: BMX helmets are for aggressive riding and racing. They have full head coverage, fewer vents, and offer maximum protection.
  • E-Bike Helmets: Some helmets are specifically designed for e-bikers, offering more coverage than a typical road bike helmet but less than a mountain bike helmet. They are a good balance for the e-bike rider.

Key Features to Consider When Buying a Helmet

When selecting a helmet, there are several key features to consider:

  • Size: It's crucial to get a helmet that fits correctly. A helmet that's too large can slide around and won't provide maximum protection. A helmet that's too small can be uncomfortable and may not cover your head adequately.
  • Fit Adjustments: Look for a helmet with an adjustable fit system. It can be a dial, ratchet, or other mechanism that allows you to customize the helmet's fit.
  • Ventilation: More vents equal more cooling. If you ride in a hot climate or sweat a lot, more vents are desirable.
  • MIPS Technology: MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) is a design feature found in many helmets. It's designed to protect against rotational forces that can occur in a crash.
  • Visor: Some riders like having a visor attached to their helmet for sun and rain protection. Some visors are removable.
  • Weight: Lighter helmets are generally more comfortable.
  • Safety Standards: Ensure the helmet meets the safety standards in your country.

Best E-Bike Helmet Brands

There are several high-quality e-bike helmet brands available, each with their unique selling points. Here are some of the best brands:

1. POC:

POC helmets are known for their innovative safety features and modern design, the POC brand is popular among many cyclists.

A POC Omne Ultra MIPS helmet
POC Omne Ultra MIPS Helmet

2. Giro:

A trusted name in the cycling world, Giro offers a range of helmets that are lightweight, well-ventilated, and include the latest safety features. The Giro Register MIPS is a popular model that includes the MIPS technology for added protection against rotational forces during a crash.

Giro Register MIPS helmet
Giro Register MIPS helmet

3. Kask:

Italian brand Kask is known for combining style, comfort, and safety in their helmets. Their Kask Mojito model is well-regarded for its excellent fit and ventilation.

Kask Mojito 3 helmet
Kask Mojito 3 Helmet

4. Bontrager:

A brand of Trek Bikes, Bontrager offers helmets with WaveCel technology, a collapsible cellular structure that pads the inside of the helmet for superior impact absorption. The Bontrager Specter WaveCel is a versatile, high-performance helmet suitable for e-bike riders.

Bontrager Specter WaveCel Helmet
Bontrager Specter WaveCel Helmet

5. Nutcase:

If you want a helmet that stands out, Nutcase offers fun, colorful designs without compromising on safety. The Nutcase Vio even comes with an integrated MIPS, visor, and LED light.

Nutcase Vio Helmet
Nutcase Vio Helmet

6. ABUS:

ABUS is a German company renowned for its locks also manufactures helmets. The ABUS Pedelec 2.0 helmet is designed specifically for e-bike users, featuring integrated rain cover and LED light for added safety.

Abus Pedelec 2.0 Helmet
Abus Pedelec 2.0 Helmet

7. Bern:

Known for their urban style, Bern helmets often feature a hard visor and come in a variety of fashionable designs. The Bern Hudson model is specifically designed for e-bike riders, with integrated LED lights and plenty of ventilation.

Bern Hudson Helmet
Bern Hudson Helmet

8. Thousand:

If vintage style is your thing, Thousand offers sleek, retro-inspired helmets. Their Heritage collection helmets are fashionable, comfortable, and include a secret pop-lock to secure your helmet with your bike.

Thousand Helmet Heritage
Thousand Heritage Helmet

II. Lights

Having a set of good lights on your e-bike is absolutely crucial, both for your safety and for the safety of others. When you're riding in low-light conditions or at night, lights allow you to see the path ahead clearly, and perhaps more importantly, they make you visible to other road users such as cars, pedestrians, and other cyclists

Front and rear lights are generally required by law when riding after dark, and some jurisdictions require lights even during daylight hours. Even if it's not required, it's a good practice to use lights at all times of day, as they can increase your visibility in various weather conditions, or when riding in heavily shaded areas.

Different Types of Bike Lights

1. Front Lights:

These are white lights fixed to the front of the bike, designed to illuminate the road ahead. They range from small, inexpensive models to high-powered versions for off-road night riding.

2. Rear Lights:

These are red lights fixed to the back of your bike. They are designed to make you visible from behind, and most have a variety of modes including constant, flashing, and pulsing.

3. Side or Wheel Lights:

These can be attached to the wheels or frame and provide visibility from the sides, making you more visible at junctions.

4. Helmet Lights:

These are mounted onto your helmet, adding an extra level of visibility. The light's direction can be controlled by the movement of your head, which can be useful for seeing around corners or checking over your shoulder.

Key Features to Consider When Buying Bike Lights

When choosing lights for your e-bike, there are several key features you should consider:

1. Brightness:

This is usually measured in lumens. The higher the lumen count, the brighter the light. Urban cyclists may only need a few hundred lumens, while off-road riders might need several thousand.

2. Battery Life:

How long the light lasts on a single charge is important, especially for longer rides. Many modern bike lights are rechargeable with a USB cable.

3. Mounting System:

You'll need to be able to securely attach the light to your bike or helmet. Some lights use a simple strap, while others have a more complex mounting system.

4. Water Resistance:

If you'll be riding in wet conditions, your lights need to be waterproof.

5. Weight:

Especially for helmet lights, the lighter, the better.

6. Extra Features:

Some lights offer extra features like battery life indicators, auto on/off functionality, or adaptive lighting.

Best Brand of E-Bike Lights

1. Cygolite:

An industry leader for over 30 years, Cygolite offers both front and rear lights for cyclists. Their lights are well-known for their brightness and durability. The Metro Plus series is particularly popular for its balance of size, power, and price.

Cygolite Metro Plus Lights
Cygolite Metro Plus Lights

2. Lezyne:

Renowned for its innovative designs, Lezyne offers a wide range of powerful and durable lights. Their Macro Drive front light and Strip Drive rear light are both well-regarded for their high visibility and long battery life.

Lezyne Macro Drive Lights
Lezyne Macro Drive Lights

3. Knog:

An Australian brand, Knog's bike lights are well-known for their stylish, unique designs and impressive functionality. The PWR Rider front light and Blinder Mob rear light are both compact yet powerful options.

Knog PWR Rider Lights
Knog PWR Rider Lights

4. NiteRider:

Known for creating lights specifically for outdoor and sports enthusiasts, NiteRider provides robust and high-lumen options. The Lumina Dual provides a powerful front light perfect for those who ride in dark rural areas or unlit paths.

Lumina Dual Front Light
Lumina Dual Front Light

5. Cateye:

A long-standing brand in the cycling industry, Cateye offers reliable and durable lights. The Volt series provides powerful front lights while the Rapid series offers highly visible rear lights.

Cateye Volt 1700 Lights
Cateye Volt 1700 Lights

6. Light and Motion:

Known for their high-quality, durable, and waterproof lights, Light and Motion cater to all kinds of cyclists. Their Urban and Vis series are worth checking out for their excellent light distribution and battery life.

Light and Motion Vis Series Light
Light and Motion Vis Series Light

7. Bontrager:

Known primarily for their bike components, Bontrager also offers a variety of reliable and durable bike lights. The Ion Pro RT front light and Flare RT rear light are noted for their power and connectivity features.

Bontrager Ion Pro RT Light
Bontrager Ion Pro RT Light

8. Blackburn:

Offering good quality at a more affordable price point, Blackburn's lights are a favorite among many riders. The Dayblazer series offers both front and rear lights that are both powerful and easy to mount.

Blackburn Dayblazer Light
Blackburn Dayblazer Light

III. Lock

E-bikes, given their additional components and technology, tend to be more expensive than traditional bikes. This makes them a tempting target for thieves. A high-quality lock is, therefore, an essential accessory for any e-bike owner. A sturdy lock can deter potential thieves or at least make it significantly more difficult for them to steal your bike.

Different Types of Bike Locks

1. U-Locks/D-Locks:

These are the most common type of bike lock and offer a great balance between security and usability. They come in different sizes, with larger ones offering more flexibility in terms of what you can lock your bike to but being bulkier to transport.

2. Chain Locks:

These offer more length than U-Locks, which can be helpful for locking your bike in places where a U-Lock might not reach. They vary significantly in terms of weight and security level, with lighter chains being easier to cut through.

3. Folding Locks:

These locks are made up of metal plates joined together by rivets. This allows them to fold up for easy storage when not in use. They offer a compromise between the strength of U-Locks and the flexibility of Chain Locks.

4. Cable Locks:

These are typically lightweight and versatile but provide the least amount of security. They can be cut relatively easily with bolt cutters. Cable locks are best used as a secondary lock to secure the wheels or in low-crime areas for short stops.

Key Features to Consider When Buying Bike Locks

When choosing a lock for your e-bike, there are several key features you should consider:

1. Security Level:

Look for locks rated by independent organizations like Sold Secure, which gives Bronze, Silver, and Gold ratings based on the lock's security level. Gold-rated locks offer the highest level of security.

2. Size and Weight:

Larger locks will be heavier but can give you more options when looking for a place to lock your bike. Choose a size and weight that is comfortable for you to carry on your bike or in a backpack.

3. Locking Mechanism:

Locks can have key or combination mechanisms. Key locks tend to be more secure but run the risk of losing the key, whereas combination locks remove that risk but can sometimes be easier to crack.

4. Ease of Use:

Consider how easy it is to lock and unlock. Some locks have features such as a light on the keyhole or key retention (where the key stays in the lock when it's open).

5. Mounting Bracket:

Check if the lock comes with a mounting bracket for your bike, so you don't have to carry it in a bag.

6. Price:

Higher security locks will generally be more expensive, but the investment could save you from having to replace your entire e-bike.

Top Bike Lock Brands:

1. Kryptonite:

One of the most popular and respected names in bike locks, Kryptonite offers a variety of U-locks, chain locks, and cable locks. Their Fahgettaboudit Mini is renowned for its strength and compactness.

Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Mini Lock
Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Lock

2. Abus:

Known for their high-quality German engineering, Abus offers a wide variety of lock types, including some innovative folding locks such as the Bordo series.

Abus Bordo Lock
Abus Bordo Lock

3. OnGuard:

OnGuard offers U-locks and chain locks that are well-regarded for their excellent value and toughness. Their Pitbull and Bulldog series are particularly popular.

OnGuard Pitbull Lock
OnGuard Pitbull Lock

4. Hiplok:

Hiplok offers a range of innovative, wearable chain and cable locks that you can fasten around your waist like a belt when you're riding. The Hiplok Gold is a robust chain lock that you can wear without locking it.

Hiplock Gold Lock
Hiplock Gold Lock

5. Master Lock

While better known for their general-purpose locks, Master Lock also produces a range of U-locks, cable locks, and chain locks for bikes. They're generally more affordable, but they also tend to be less secure than some other brands.

6. Ottolock

Ottolock produces lightweight, compact cinch locks that are more secure than a basic cable lock but less secure than a good U-lock. They're ideal for short stopovers in relatively safe areas.

Ottolock Sidekick U-Lock
Ottolock Sidekick U-Lock

7. Tigr

Tigr offers stylish, lightweight titanium U-locks and Bow-Locks that provide reasonable security and are easy to carry.

Tigr Mini+ U-Lock
Tigr Mini+ U-Lock

IV. Panniers/Carrier Bags

Whether you're using your e-bike for commuting, mountain biking, shopping, touring, or leisure rides, having a practical storage solution is essential. E-bike storage accessories such as panniers, carrier bags, and baskets can carry everything from laptops and lunchboxes for work to groceries or equipment for an overnight trip.

Different Types of Storage Solutions for E-Bikes

1. Panniers:

Panniers are bags that attach to the sides of your bike, usually on a rear rack. They can offer a lot of storage space and are ideal for carrying heavier loads because the weight is centered over the rear wheel and doesn't affect steering.

Some panniers are waterproof or come with rain covers, making them suitable for all-weather commuting. Many are also detachable and can be used as shoulder bags or backpacks when you're off the bike.

2. Carrier Bags:

These are smaller bags designed to be mounted on a carrier or rack. Carrier bags are generally lightweight, easy to attach and remove, and perfect for carrying essentials like repair tools, snacks, a wallet, and phone.

Some are designed to sit on top of a rear rack, while others hang off the sides.

3. Handlebar Bags:

These attach to the front of the bike and are ideal for storing items that you need to access quickly, like a camera or a map. Many handlebar bags are detachable and come with a shoulder strap so you can take them with you when you leave the bike.

4. Saddle Bags:

These are small bags that hang under your bike's saddle. They are typically used to carry essentials like a multi-tool, spare tube, tire levers, and a compact bike pump.

5. Baskets:

Baskets can be attached to the front handlebars or the rear rack of your bike. They provide an easy-to-access storage option and are perfect for short trips or light shopping.

Key Features to Consider When Buying Bike Storage Solutions

1. Size:

Choose a bag or basket that is large enough for your needs but not so large that it will be unwieldy on your bike.

2. Attachment System:

Look for a storage solution that is easy to attach and remove. Some bags use hooks, clips, or Velcro straps to secure them to your bike.

3. Durability:

Choose a bag or basket made from sturdy, long-lasting materials. If you'll be riding in all types of weather, consider a waterproof or water-resistant option.

4. Safety:

Reflective elements or loops for attaching lights can make you more visible when riding in low-light conditions.

5. Ease of Access:

Consider how easy it is to access your belongings. Top-opening bags or baskets are generally easier to pack and unpack.

6. Versatility:

Some bags can be converted into backpacks or shoulder bags, which can be useful if you need to take your belongings with you when you leave your bike.

Best Brands for E-Bike Storage Options

1. Ortlieb:

A German brand renowned for its durable and waterproof panniers, Ortlieb is a favorite among touring cyclists and bike commuters. Their bags are known for their roll-top closures and quick-release mounting systems.

Ortlieb Velo Shopper Pannier
Ortlieb Velo Shopper Pannier

2. Thule:

Known for their high-quality outdoor gear, Thule offers a variety of bike bags and panniers that are durable, stylish, and user-friendly. Their Shield Panniers are popular for their waterproof design and multiple compartments.

3. Topeak:

Topeak offers a wide range of bike storage solutions, including panniers, trunk bags, and handlebar bags. Their MTX TrunkBag series with the QuickTrack system for easy mounting and dismounting is particularly popular.

Topeak MTX TrunkBag
Topeak MTX TrunkBag

4. Arkel:

Known for their high-quality materials and attention to detail, Arkel offers durable and functional panniers. Their Orca series is well-regarded for its waterproof design, while the Dolphin series is popular for its large capacity.

Arkel Dolphin Bag
Arkel Dolphin Bag

5. Brooks England:

A classic English brand known for their leather saddles, Brooks also offers a line of stylish, high-quality panniers and saddlebags.

Brooks England Cycle Bag
Brooks England Cycle Bag

6. Vaude:

Vaude is a sustainable outdoor company that produces a variety of bike bags. Their Aqua series is popular for being waterproof and environmentally friendly.

Vaude Aqua Back Bag
Vaude Aqua Back Bag

7. Blackburn:

Blackburn offers a range of practical and durable panniers and trunk bags. The Local Saddlebag is a standout for its insulated design, perfect for carrying food and drinks on your bike.

Blackburn Saddle Bag
Blackburn Saddle Bag

8. Banjo Brothers:

Known for their balance of quality and affordability, Banjo Brothers offers a wide range of bike bags, including panniers, saddlebags, and backpacks. Their Waterproof Pannier is a favorite for its roll-top design and affordable price.

Banjo Brothers Waterproof Pannier
Banjo Brothers Waterproof Pannier

V. Phone Mount

A phone mount is an important accessory for an e-bike for several reasons:

1. Navigation:

With a phone mount, riders can easily use GPS navigation apps like Google Maps or Waze to find their way. This is particularly useful for those biking in unfamiliar areas or following specific routes.

2. Monitoring:

Some e-bikes have apps that allow you to monitor your ride statistics, including speed, battery level, and distance traveled. A phone mount allows you to keep an eye on these stats in real-time.

3. Communication:

It provides quick and easy access to your phone in case you need to answer a call or respond to a message (while safely stopped, of course).

4. Entertainment:

For those who enjoy listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks while riding, a phone mount can make managing your media easier.

Key Features to Consider When Buying a Phone Mount for an E-Bike

1. Compatibility:

Ensure the mount is compatible with your phone's size and model. Some mounts are adjustable and can fit a wide range of devices, while others are designed for specific models.

2. Durability and Stability:

Look for a mount that is durable and can withstand the vibration and bumps of a bike ride. It should hold the phone securely so that it won't fall out even on rough terrain.

3. Ease of Use:

Consider how easy it is to mount and remove your phone. Some mounts use a clamp system, while others use magnets or a cradle design.

4. Protection:

If you often ride in adverse weather, consider a mount with a waterproof case or cover to protect your phone from rain and dust.

5. Rotation:

Some mounts offer 360-degree rotation, allowing you to view your phone in portrait or landscape mode, which can be handy depending on your preferred app layout.

6. Positioning:

Check how the mount attaches to your bike (typically on the handlebars or stem) and ensure it won't interfere with your bike's operation or your line of sight.

There are several brands that are renowned for producing high-quality phone mounts for electric bikes. Here are some top picks:

1. Quad Lock:

Quad Lock is a highly popular brand among cyclists for its secure, lightweight, and low-profile design. Their patented dual-stage lock ensures your phone stays securely attached to your bike, even over rough terrain.

Quad Lock Phone Mount
Quad Lock Phone Mount

2. RAM Mounts:

Known for their rugged and versatile design, RAM Mounts offer a patented ball-and-socket system that provides shock and vibration damping. They also allow for almost infinite adjustment to achieve the perfect viewing angle.

Ram Phone Mounts
Ram Phone Mount

3. SP Connect:

SP Connect offers a quick and secure mounting system that's compatible with a wide range of smartphones. With a simple 90-degree twist, your phone is securely attached to your bike.

SP Connect Phone Mount
SP Connect Phone Mount

4. Roam:

Roam's universal bike phone mount is known for its affordability and adjustability. It's compatible with almost all smartphones and is easy to install and remove.

5. Topeak RideCase:

This brand offers a system that includes both a case for your phone and a mount for your bike. The Topeak RideCase has a dual-density shell for protection, and the mount allows for portrait or landscape orientation.

Topeak RideCase Phone Mount
Topeak RideCase Phone Mount

6. GUB:

Known for their sturdy aluminum design, GUB phone mounts are adjustable and can accommodate a wide range of phone sizes.

Gub Phone Mount
Gub Phone Mount

7. Tigra Sport:

Tigra offers bike mounts with weatherproof cases to protect your phone from rain and dirt.

Tigra Sport Phone Mount
Tigra Sport Phone Mount

VI. Bike Multi-tool

Carrying a bike multi-tool or repair tool when you're out riding your e-bike is crucial for several reasons:

1. Emergency Repairs:

With a multi-tool, you can address common mechanical issues that might occur during a ride, such as adjusting your seat height, tightening loose bolts, or fixing a slipped chain.

2. Flat Tires:

Many multi-tools include tools that can assist with a flat tire, such as tire levers or a patch kit. If you also carry a spare tube and a mini pump or CO2 inflator, you can fix a flat and be back on the road without needing to call for help.

3. Maintenance On-The-Go:

Regular checks and adjustments can prevent many mechanical issues. A multi-tool allows you to make minor tweaks and keep your bike in good working order while on the go.

4. Space-Saving:

Multi-tools are compact and lightweight, making them easy to carry in a saddle bag or pocket without adding much weight or bulk.

5. Cost-Effective:

With a multi-tool, you can save money by doing simple repairs and adjustments yourself instead of having to take your e-bike to a shop every time.

Key Features to Look for in a Bike Multi-Tool or Repair Tool

1. Essential Tools:

Most bike multi-tools include a variety of hex keys (also known as Allen wrenches), which are used for most bolts on a bike. Other useful tools to have include a Phillips head screwdriver, a flat head screwdriver, Torx keys (especially a T25 for disc brake rotors), a chain tool, and tire levers.

2. Quality:

Look for a tool made from high-quality, durable materials such as hardened steel.

3. Size and Weight:

Consider the tool's size and weight. It should be compact and lightweight enough to carry easily, but still large enough to be comfortable to use.

4. Ease of Use:

The tools should fold out and in easily and stay in place when you're using them.

5. Extra Features:

Some multi-tools come with additional features like a built-in CO2 inflator or a bottle opener.

Best E-Bike Repair Tool Brands

When looking for a quality e-bike repair tool or bike multi-tool, consider the following brands, each renowned for its durability, ease of use, and versatility:

1. Crankbrothers:

The Crankbrothers M20 is a popular choice for its mix of 20 essential tools including various hex wrenches, screwdrivers, a chain tool, and spoke wrenches. Their multi-tools are known for their durable construction and practical design.

Crankbrothers M20 Repair Tool
Crankbrothers M20 Tool

2. Topeak:

Topeak's Alien II and Hexus X are highly regarded multi-tools with a broad selection of tools for nearly every repair task. Topeak's tools often come with a neoprene bag for protection.

Topeak Alien II Tool
Topeak Alien II Tool

3. Park Tool:

The MT series from Park Tool offers a good range of multi-tools that are compact and reliable. Park Tool is a well-respected brand in the cycling community known for its high-quality tools.

Park Tool MT 40
Park Tool MT 40

4. Lezyne:

Lezyne offers a variety of well-made multi-tools like the Rap II series and V Pro series. They have a sleek design and the tools are made from high-quality materials.

Lezyne V Pro Series
Lezyne V Pro Series

5. Blackburn:

Blackburn's Wayside Multi-Tool includes some unique features like a serrated knife and individual hex keys that can be used independently, which can be very handy in some situations.

Blackburn Wayside Multi Tool
Blackburn Wayside Multi Tool

6. Pedro's:

Known for its colorful tools and commitment to the environment, Pedro's offers the RX Micro multi-tools, which are compact, lightweight, and include a range of necessary tools.

Pedro's RX Micro 20 Multitool
Pedro's RX Micro 20 Multitool

7. Pro Bike Tool:

Pro Bike Tool offers a compact, durable multi-tool with reliable performance. Their 8-in-1 tool is compact yet sturdy, and features a variety of hex keys, torx wrenches, and screwdrivers.

Pro Bike Tool 8 in 1
Pro Bike Tool 8 in 1

8. Birzman:

The Birzman E-Version 20 multi-tool is compact and functional, with a stylish design. These tools are lightweight yet durable and offer a range of necessary tools.

Feexman E-Version 20
Birzman Feexman E-Version 20 Tool

Remember, the best multi-tool for you will depend on your particular e-bike, the repairs and adjustments you feel comfortable making, and the conditions in which you typically ride. Always carry a multi-tool that suits your individual needs and know how to use each tool properly.

VII. Water Bottle Holder

While riding an e-bike is less physically demanding than a traditional bicycle, hydration remains key for your health and performance. Here's why a water bottle holder is a key accessory:

1. Hydration:

The human body needs regular hydration, especially during physical activity. Even with an electric assist, you will still need to hydrate on longer rides.

2. Convenience:

A water bottle holder provides easy access to your water bottle while you are riding, preventing the need to stop or rummage through a bag.

3. Safety:

Reaching for a water bottle in a holder is safer than trying to grab one out of a backpack or bag while riding.

4. Space Saving:

Using a water bottle holder will free up space in your bags for other essentials.

Features to Consider When Buying a Water Bottle Holder

1. Material:

Water bottle holders come in a variety of materials, including plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon fibre. The material you choose may depend on factors such as weight, durability, cost, and aesthetics.

2. Size and Adjustability:

Ensure the holder is the right size for your water bottle. Many are adjustable to fit a variety of bottles.

3. Ease of Access:

The holder should allow easy removal and replacement of the water bottle, even while riding.

4. Secure Grip:

Look for a holder that will securely hold your water bottle, especially if you plan on riding over rough terrain.

5. Mounting Options:

Make sure the holder can be mounted in a location that is convenient for you and suitable for your e-bike's frame design.

6. Weight:

Especially for longer rides or hilly terrain, you may want to consider a lightweight bottle cage to reduce the overall weight you're carrying.

When selecting a water bottle holder for your e-bike, consider these top brands known for their durability, functionality, and design:

1. Topeak:

Known for their innovative cycling accessories, Topeak offers various types of bottle cages to suit different needs. The Topeak Modula Cage EX is highly adjustable, accommodating a variety of bottle sizes.

Topeak Modula Cage EX Holder
Topeak Modula Cage EX Holder

2. Elite:

Elite offers a range of high-quality water bottle cages used by many professional cycling teams. The Elite Custom Race Plus, for example, is lightweight and holds the bottle securely even over rough terrain.

Elite Custom Race Plus Holder
Elite Custom Race Plus Holder

3. Lezyne:

Lezyne's Flow Cage is made from a durable composite material and is designed to securely hold bottles while still allowing for easy in/out access.

Lezyne Flow Cage
Lezyne Flow Cage Holder

4. Tacx:

Tacx bottle cages, like the Deva or Ciro model, are lightweight, sleek, and well-known for their strong grip on bottles, which minimizes the risk of the bottle working loose as you ride.

5. SKS Germany:

SKS offers a number of durable and functional bottle cages, including the SKS Anywhere that can be mounted anywhere on the bike frame, which is useful for e-bikes that may not have standard bottle cage mounts due to the placement of the motor and battery.

SKS Anywhere Topcage
SKS Anywhere Topcage

6. Blackburn:

Known for their practical designs, Blackburn offers the Camber cage, made from aluminum and known for its good grip on bottles and its sleek, minimal design.

Blackburn Camber Cage
Blackburn Camber Cage

7. Planet Bike:

Planet Bike offers simple, durable, and eco-friendly bike accessories. Their water bottle cages, like the Planet Bike Sideload water bottle cage, are easy to use and made from durable materials.

Planet Bike Sideload
Planet Bike Sideload

8. Portland Design Works (PDW):

PDW offers the Owl or Sparrow Cage models, which are not only functional but also add a touch of whimsy to your ride.

Portland Design Works Owl Cage
Portland Design Works Owl Cage

VIII. Bell/Horn

Having a bell or horn on your e-bike is important for everyone from kids to seniors.  It serves several important purposes:

1. Safety:

First and foremost, a bell or horn can alert pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles of your presence. This is particularly crucial for e-bikes, which can travel at higher speeds and are quieter than traditional bikes.

2. Communication:

A bell or horn allows you to signal your intentions to others, helping to prevent confusion and potential accidents.

3. Regulations:

In many places, it's a legal requirement for bikes (including e-bikes) to have some form of audible warning device.

Features to Consider When Buying a Bell or Horn for Your E-Bike

1. Volume:

Look for a bell or horn that is loud enough to be heard in traffic but not so loud as to be startling or annoying. Some models come with adjustable volume settings.

2. Tone:

Consider the tone of the bell or horn. It should be clear and easily recognizable as a bike bell or horn.

3. Size:

The bell or horn should fit comfortably on your handlebars without getting in the way of your grip or other accessories.

4. Installation:

Check whether the bell or horn is easy to install on your bike. Some models require tools for installation, while others can be installed without tools.

5. Durability:

Opt for a bell or horn that is built to withstand the weather and the wear and tear of regular use.

6. Design:

There are many designs to choose from, ranging from classic bicycle bells to modern, electric bike horns. Choose a design that suits your bike and your personal style.

Best E-Bike Bell and Horn Brands

When it comes to selecting a bell or horn for your e-bike, consider these top brands known for their quality, durability, and sound:


Known for their innovative designs, Knog offers the Oi bell, which features a slim, stylish design and a clear, bright tone. It's available in different sizes to fit different handlebars.

Knog Oi Bell
Knog Oi Bell


Crane is a Japanese company that makes high-quality bells with a clear, resonant sound. The Crane E-Ne bell is known for its modern look and strong sound.

Crane E-Ne Bell
Crane E-Ne Bell


The Spurcycle bell is designed to create a powerful, long-lasting sound to alert anyone in your path. It's compact, aesthetically pleasing, and crafted from premium materials.

Spurcycle Bell
Spurcycle Bell


Known for their high-quality bike accessories, Lezyne offers the Classic Brass Bell which features a high-polish brass dome and a robust, easy-to-use thumb lever.

Lezyne Class Brass Bell
Lezyne Classic Brass Bell


The Mirrycle Incredibell offers several bell options with adjustable volumes, which can be beneficial for different riding environments.

Mirrycle Incredibell
Mirrycle Incredibell


The Orp Smart Horn combines a dual-tone horn with a front beacon light to improve your visibility as well as audibility. It's a good option if you want a horn instead of a traditional bell.


The Hornit dB140 has the distinction of being one of the loudest cycle horns available. With 140 decibels, it is easily heard over traffic.


Known for their affordability and reliability, RockBros offers a variety of bike bells and horns that are easy to install and provide a clear sound.

When choosing a bell or horn for your e-bike, make sure to consider its volume, tone, size, design, and how easy it is to install and use. It's also important to check the local regulations regarding bike bells and horns as some areas may have restrictions on the allowed volume.

IX. Fenders

Fenders, also known as mudguards in some regions, are an important accessory for e-bikes, especially for those who commute or ride in a variety of weather conditions. Here's why:

1. Protection from Mud and Water:

The primary role of fenders is to prevent mud, water, and other debris from being kicked up by your tires and onto you as you ride. This keeps you and your clothing cleaner and drier.

2. Bike Maintenance:

By blocking debris, fenders can help protect your e-bike's components (including the electric motor and battery systems) from unnecessary dirt and water exposure, potentially extending their lifespan.

3. Safety:

In wet conditions, tires can spray water onto your glasses or into your eyes, impairing visibility. Fenders help prevent this.

Features to Consider When Buying Fenders for Your E-Bike

1. Compatibility:

Make sure the fenders are compatible with your e-bike's wheel size and tire width.

2. Coverage:

The more of the wheel the fender covers, the more protection it provides. For the best protection, look for full-length fenders.

3. Material:

Fenders can be made from a variety of materials, including metal (like aluminum or steel), plastic, or carbon fiber. Each has its pros and cons. Metal tends to be more durable but heavier, while plastic is lighter but might not last as long.

4. Installation:

Check if the fenders can be easily installed on your bike, or if you'll need professional help. Some fenders are designed for quick installation and removal.

5. Design:

There are many designs to choose from. Some are minimalist, while others are more stylish. Choose a design that suits your bike and your personal style.

6. Sturdiness:

Look for fenders that are sturdy and rigid, as these will be more durable and provide better protection.

7. Extras:

Some fenders come with extra features, like reflectors or mud flaps, which can provide additional safety and protection.

Best Brand of Fenders for E-Bikes

Choosing the right fender for your e-bike involves considering the durability, aesthetics, ease of installation, and how much protection it provides. Here are some of the top brands known for manufacturing high-quality fenders suitable for e-bikes:

1. SKS Germany:

SKS is a renowned German brand that offers a variety of high-quality fenders for different types of bikes, including e-bikes. Their products are known for durability and design.

SKS Germany Fenders
SKS Germany Fenders

2. Planet Bike:

Known for its eco-friendly initiatives, Planet Bike offers affordable, durable, and easy-to-install fenders made from sustainable materials. Their Cascadia fenders are especially popular among commuters.

Planet Bike Cascadia Bike Fenders

3. Crud:

The Crud Roadracer is popular due to its ease of installation and removal. It's lightweight and offers good protection, suitable for both city riding and off-road trails.

4. Topeak:

Topeak offers the DeFender series of fenders designed to provide full coverage and protect your e-bike from mud and rain.

Topeak Defender
Topeak Defender

5. Portland Design Works (PDW):

PDW offers well-designed, stylish, and sturdy fenders. The Full Metal Fenders are particularly popular for their durability and comprehensive protection.

Portland Design Works Full Metal Fenders
Portland Design Works Full Metal Fenders

6. Mucky Nutz:

Known for their lightweight and easy-to-install mountain bike fenders, Mucky Nutz offers a range of options that provide good protection and have a minimalist design.

Mucky Nutz Face Fender
Mucky Nutz Face Fender

7. Zefal:

A French brand with a long history, Zefal offers a range of bike accessories, including durable and easy-to-mount fenders suitable for e-bikes.


Fifty-Fifty offers easy-to-install, durable, and adjustable fenders that are well-suited to off-road e-bikes.

When choosing your fenders, ensure they're compatible with your e-bike's tire size and type, and that they provide the level of protection you need for the conditions in which you'll be riding.

X. Battery Charger

A battery charger is an indispensable accessory for an e-bike. As e-bikes are powered by rechargeable batteries, keeping these batteries adequately charged is crucial for the operation of your e-bike.

1. Ensuring Optimal Performance:

To make sure your e-bike performs optimally and delivers the best speed and range, the battery needs to be charged regularly.

2. Longevity of the Battery:

Proper charging of the e-bike’s battery can also enhance its lifespan. Using the correct charger helps prevent overcharging or undercharging, both of which can damage the battery over time.

Features to Consider When Buying a Battery Charger for Your E-Bike

1. Compatibility:

The charger should be compatible with the voltage and type of your e-bike's battery (for instance, lithium-ion, lead-acid, etc.).

2. Charging Speed:

Different chargers have different charging speeds. Some chargers are fast chargers, while others take a bit more time. The best choice depends on your needs.

3. Auto-Shutoff:

A charger with an automatic shut-off feature can prevent overcharging, which can be harmful to the battery. This feature turns off the charger once the battery is fully charged.

4. Portability:

If you plan to charge your e-bike's battery at different locations (like at the office or while traveling), you might prefer a compact and lightweight charger.

5. Build Quality:

A charger with a sturdy build and good quality cabling will last longer and be more resistant to wear and tear.

6. Temperature Protection:

Some chargers come with a feature that shuts off the charger if the battery becomes too hot. This can be beneficial for the lifespan of your battery.

7. Indicator Lights:

These show the charging progress and are quite useful to understand whether the battery is fully charged, still charging, or if there's an issue with the charging process.

Best Brand of E-Bike Battery Charger

Choosing the right battery charger for your e-bike is critical as it directly impacts the longevity and performance of your e-bike battery. Here are some of the top brands known for manufacturing high-quality e-bike battery chargers:

1. Bosch:

Bosch is a well-known brand in the e-bike industry and provides reliable and efficient chargers. They offer a range of chargers including standard, compact, and fast chargers, designed for different types of Bosch e-bike batteries.

2. Shimano:

Shimano is another big name in the e-bike world, known for their drivetrains and e-bike systems. Their battery chargers are reliable, efficient, and offer good charging times.

3. Trickle Charger by Battery Tender:

This brand offers a range of chargers suitable for different kinds of batteries. They are known for their automatic charging and maintaining feature, ensuring the battery is not overcharged.

4. NOCO Genius:

NOCO offers smart battery chargers that can identify the battery type and provide the right charging. Their chargers are also known for their durability and safety features.

5. SANS:

SANS is known for producing chargers for a wide range of e-bikes with different battery voltages. Their chargers are durable and provide good charging times.

6. Energizer ENC:

Energizer is a well-known battery brand and their ENC series of chargers offer reliable charging with several safety features.

7. Ansmann:

Ansmann is known for their high-quality charging and power solutions. They offer a range of e-bike chargers that are reliable and efficient.


Equipping your e-bike with the right accessories can significantly enhance your overall riding experience. From safety essentials such as a high-quality helmet and lights to functional add-ons like panniers and a phone mount, each accessory plays a crucial role in optimizing your ride. Let's not forget about the importance of tools for on-the-go repairs, a reliable lock for security, a sturdy water bottle holder for hydration, and a bell or horn for alerting others of your presence.

As with any purchase, make sure to thoroughly research each product and select ones that meet your unique requirements and preferences. After all, the ultimate goal is to have a safe, enjoyable, and convenient riding experience, and these accessories play a key role in achieving that objective. Happy e-biking!