Australia and New Zealand have seen significant growth in the electric bike market, with both local and international brands making their mark. The unique landscapes of these countries provide an ideal backdrop for the versatility and efficiency of e-bikes. Here are some of the best electric bike brands based in Australia or New Zealand:

Dyson Bikes (Australia)

The logo for Dyson Bikes

Based in Australia, Dyson Bikes specializes in a range of electric bikes suitable for various terrains and purposes, including urban commuting and off-road adventures. Their bikes are known for their reliability and value.

Reid Cycles (Australia)

The logo for Reid Cycles Electric Bikes

Reid Cycles, headquartered in Melbourne, offers a variety of electric bikes, including commuters, folding, and fat bikes. They focus on providing value without compromising on quality, catering to a wide audience.

Smartmotion (New Zealand)

The logo for Smartmotion Electric Bikes

Smartmotion is a New Zealand-based electric bike company known for its range of durable and versatile e-bikes designed to handle the country's varied terrain. Their bikes are a common sight in New Zealand's bike lanes and trails.

UBCO (New Zealand)

The logo for Ubco Electric Bikes

Originally from New Zealand, UBCO now offers its unique 2x2 electric utility bike globally. Designed for both on-road and off-road use, UBCO's bikes are versatile, durable, and equipped with a dual electric drive.

MeloYelo (New Zealand)

The logo for MeloYelo Electric Bikes

MeloYelo is a New Zealand brand that assembles its e-bikes locally, focusing on engineering and design to suit New Zealand's specific cycling conditions. They offer a range of e-bikes for commuting and leisure, emphasizing quality and community support.

Avanti (New Zealand)

The logo for Avanti Electric Bikes

While Avanti is known for its traditional bicycles, it has also entered the e-bike market with models designed for the needs of New Zealand cyclists. Avanti's electric bikes are suitable for commuting, adventure, and everything in between.