The United States has a vibrant electric bike market with several leading brands that have made significant contributions to the industry. These companies are known for their innovation, quality, and diverse range of products catering to different types of riders and preferences. Here are some of the best electric bike brands based in the United States:

Rad Power Bikes

The company logo for Rad Power Bikes

Based in Seattle, Washington, Rad Power Bikes is one of the largest and most popular electric bike brands in North America. They offer a wide variety of e-bikes, including cargo bikes, city bikes, and off-road bikes, known for their durability, performance, and affordability.


The logo for Specialized Electric Bikes

Although Specialized is primarily known as a traditional bicycle brand, they have also made significant strides in the electric bike market. Based in Morgan Hill, California, Specialized offers high-quality electric road, mountain, and commuter bikes under the Turbo lineup. Their e-bikes are known for their advanced technology, performance, and sleek designs.

Trek Bikes

The logo for Trek Electric Bikes

Trek, while a global brand with a presence in many countries, is headquartered in Waterloo, Wisconsin. They offer a comprehensive range of electric bikes, including mountain, road, and urban models. Trek e-bikes are celebrated for their innovative design, reliability, and performance.

Pedego Electric Bikes

The logo for Pedego Electric Bikes

Founded in 2008 and based in Fountain Valley, California, Pedego is one of the oldest electric bike brands in the U.S. They specialize in comfortable, user-friendly e-bikes, including cruisers, city bikes, and cargo bikes. Pedego stands out for its focus on customer service and a wide network of retail stores across the country.

Juiced Bikes

The logo for Juiced Electric Bikes

Juiced Bikes is based in San Diego, California, and is known for its high-performance electric bikes that blend speed, range, and utility. They offer a range of models, including urban commuters, cargo bikes, and off-road e-bikes, all equipped with powerful motors and large-capacity batteries.

Aventon Bikes

The logo for Aventon Electric Bikes

Located in Ontario, California, Aventon Bikes has quickly become known for its affordable yet high-quality electric bikes. Their lineup includes both leisure and performance-oriented models, with a focus on sleek design and integrated technology.


The logo for Super 73 Electric Bikes

Super73, based in Irvine, California, has gained popularity for its unique, retro-inspired electric bikes that resemble vintage motorcycles. Known for their distinctive style and culture, Super73 bikes are designed for both urban commuting and leisure riding, offering a fun and unique riding experience.