Asia, with its vast and dense urban landscapes has embraced bike-sharing. The continent is home to some of the world's largest and most innovative bike share systems. This guide takes you through the cities in Asia leading the charge in the bike-sharing revolution, highlighting the unique features and achievements of each program.

Taipei, Taiwan (YouBike)

The logo for Youbike Bike Share in Taiwan

Taipei's YouBike system stands out for its user satisfaction and high usage rates. Launched in 2009, YouBike has expanded beyond Taipei to other Taiwanese cities, but its impact is most pronounced in the capital. The system's success is attributed to its seamless integration with Taipei's Metro system, and affordable pricing. The system has both normal bikes and pedal assist bikes. The pedal assist bikes are orange.

Tokyo, Japan - Docomo Bike Share

The logo for Docomo Bike Share in Tokyo

Tokyo's approach to bike-sharing reflects the city's meticulous planning and technological prowess. The Docomo Bike Share program offers a network of electric-assisted bicycles, ideal for Tokyo's hilly terrain and sprawling distances. With stations strategically located near public transport hubs and popular attractions, the program caters to daily commuters and sightseers alike.

Seoul, South Korea (Seoul Bike "Ddareungi")

The logo for the Seoul Bike Share Program

Seoul's bike-sharing program, affectionately named Ddareungi, has rapidly expanded since its inception in 2015. Aimed at enhancing the city's green mobility, Ddareungi offers thousands of bikes across Seoul, with plans for further expansion. The system's integration with Seoul's public transportation card and its commitment to accessibility underscore the city's holistic approach to sustainable urban transport.

Bangalore, India (Yulu)

The logo for Yulu Bike Share in Bangalore

Yulu represents a new wave of bike-sharing in India, focusing on electric bikes and scooters to address urban congestion and pollution. Launched in Bangalore, Yulu's mission is to provide a scalable, affordable, and clean mobility solution. Its compact, battery-powered vehicles are designed for India's bustling urban environments, offering an alternative to traditional motorized transport.

Singapore (SG Bike)

The logo for SG Bike Share system in Singapore

Singapore, known for its stringent urban planning and environmental policies, has embraced bike-sharing with SG Bike. As the city-state's largest licensed operator, SG Bike offers thousands of bicycles, focusing on reliability and integration with public transport. The system's innovative geofencing technology ensures responsible parking, aligning with Singapore's vision of a car-lite, cyclist-friendly city.