The new Colorado Electric Bike Tax Credit program has simplified the statewide qualifications, offering $450 off at purchase to anybody living in Colorado.  The uptake from local retailers has been slow due to delays in the reimbursement process for retailers, but this should get resolved within the next year.

Who is Eligible?

The program is open to anybody living in Colorado that can prove residence with a valid piece of ID or document dated within the last 3 months.

Each person is eligible to person one electric bike per year under the program.

How to Apply

Automatically receive the discount if you purchase a qualifying electric bike at a participating retailer and prove you are eligible for the program.

How Much do I Get?

As mentioned above, all participants get $450 off at the point of sale at a participating retailer. Here is a list of retailers offering the rebate.

Sales tax is calculated on the full purchase price of the e-bike.

What Electric Bikes Qualify?

Most Electric Bikes qualify for the discount

  • Must be a new electric bike
  • No minimum or maximum purchase price
  • Motor that is 750 watts or less
  • Must meet independent UL certifications
  • Any class of e-bike is eligible (Class 1, 2, or 3)
  • Can be an adaptive e-bike
  • Must have two or three wheels and functioning pedals

Do your Research

Use our brand buyer's guides if you want in depth information on different electric bike brands. After you have bought your e-bike our Denver E-Bike City Guide is a helpful resource to get to know the city's best trails and local rules.