As one of Canada's leading retailers for automotive, sports, and outdoor equipment, Canadian Tire has naturally stepped up and started to expand their electric bike selection.

With a diverse range of electric bike brands and types catering to various preferences and lifestyles, Canadian Tire is a good and simple option for Canadians looking to join the growing e-bike trend.

Their selection is constantly changing but check out their inventory online.

Perks of Buying from Canadian Tire

There are several major perks that come with shopping at a large outdoors store. With locations throughout Canada, it is easy for most people to go in store to view their electric bike selection and find the best fit. It also means that if you purchase online, their is a location close to quickly pick up your e-bike and start riding.

Canadian Tire offers free assembly of your electric bike. The downside is service and maintenance is not going to exist like it will if you shop at a more specialty cycling shop.

Electric bikes are an expensive purchase and in some cases financing is also available through Canadian Tire Bank.

What Brands do they Offer?

They offer some of the leading brands, and are continuously adding to their inventory. Some of the notable brands that Canadian Tire stocks are:


The logo for Raleigh electric bikes

Raleigh electric bikes stand out for their combination of heritage craftsmanship and modern electric bike technology. The Raleigh company has a rich history dating back over a century.

With the integration of electric motors, Raleigh electric bikes offer riders the perfect blend of traditional cycling experience and effortless assistance. Their diverse lineup includes commuter, cruiser, mountain, and folding models, catering to a wide range of riding styles and preferences.

If you purchase a Raleigh electric bike you can expect smooth rides, long-lasting battery life, and innovative features like intuitive control systems and ergonomic designs.


The logo for iZip electric bikes

iZip electric bikes are a popular choice for urban commuters and recreational cyclists. Produced by Currie Technologies, iZip bikes feature cutting-edge electric motor technology integrated seamlessly into their design, providing riders with pedal-assist or throttle-powered options.

These e-bikes come in various styles, including city, hybrid, mountain, and folding models. With reliable battery systems and sturdy frames, iZip electric bikes offer riders a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.