Costco offers a diverse range of electric bikes to suit every need and budget. From commuter models to off-road models Costco has good selection.

Perks of Buying an Electric Bike from Costco

Costco's bulk-buying power often translates into competitive pricing, allowing you to get a high-quality electric bike at a great value.

Costco's generous return policy and customer satisfaction guarantee provide peace of mind, ensuring that you can confidently invest in your electric bike knowing that you're backed by excellent support.

Costco's membership benefits, such as extended warranties  add extra value to your purchase, making buying an electric bike at Costco a smart and rewarding choice for any rider.

What Brands do they Offer?

Costco changes the brands that they offer fairly often so it is always worth monitoring if you are eyeing particular brands. Some of the e-bikes they offer or have offered in the recent past come from brands like:


The logo for Aventon electric bikes

Our Aventon buyer guide is a good place to start to find out more about Aventon electric bikes. Aventon is one of the most respected brands in electric bikes and has offerings for all types of riders with varying levels of experience.


The logo for Jetson electric bikes

Jetson electric bikes stand out for their innovative approach to urban mobility, offering riders a unique style and convenience. What sets Jetson apart is their focus on integrating advanced technology seamlessly into their designs, resulting in bikes that are stylish and functional.


The logo for Envo electric bikes

Envo's electric bikes feature robust frames, powerful motors, and long-lasting batteries. Envo electric bikes empower riders to embrace a greener way of traveling, making them a top choice for urban commuters.


The logo for iGO electric bikes

iGO prioritizes user-friendly features and intuitive controls, ensuring a seamless riding experience for cyclists of all levels. Whether you're commuting to work, exploring scenic trails, or simply cruising around town, iGO electric bikes offer a sustainable and exhilarating way to travel.


The logo for Ebgo electric bikes

Egbo is a Canadian brand available in Canadian Costco's that makes several models for different rider types.