A common question that comes up with those who are new to electric bikes. The amount of pedaling required on an electric bike can vary depending on the specific e-bike model and the user's preferences.

In general, e-bikes are classified into two main types based on the amount of assistance they provide:

Pedal-Assist E-Bikes

These e-bikes require you to pedal in order to activate the motor, and the motor provides assistance in proportion to your pedaling effort. The amount of assistance is adjusted using a controller on the bike.

If you have a pedal-assist electric bike, you will need to pedal in order to activate the motor, but the amount of pedaling required will depend on how much assistance you want from the motor. If you want more assistance, you will need to pedal harder, and if you want less assistance, you can pedal more gently.

Throttle E-Bikes

These e-bikes have a throttle that you can twist or push to activate the motor, so you don't necessarily have to pedal at all to get assistance. However, most throttle e-bikes also have the option of using pedal assist.

On a throttle e-bike, you can choose to pedal or not, depending on your preference. If you use the throttle to activate the motor, you won't need to pedal at all, but you can still choose to pedal if you want to.