The Minnesota Electric Bike Rebate program is finally here and launching this summer. Save $1500 off the purchase of an electric bike and related accessories.

The program is funded to give out $2 million total annually that is first come first serve. So make sure to apply quickly to ensure your savings before funding runs out.

How Much is the E-Bike Rebate?

Get anywhere from 50-75% (based on income) of value on an electric bike and accessories up to $1500.

  • For 75% of value you must make less than $25,000 or $50,000 if you are a joint filer
  • Starting at $25,000 (single filer) or $50,000 (joint filer), you get 1% less of value for every $4000 extra you make (ex. $29,000 income single filer gets 74% of value)
  • Income is based on previous years tax return
  • Everyone eligible for at least 50% of value

Sales tax is calculated on the full purchase price, not the post rebate amount.

The rebate is applied at the time of purchase.

This is a fantastic interactive tool to see how your rebate would apply to different electric bikes.

Who is Eligible?

Rebates are issued on a first come first service basis so make sure to get your application in quickly.

  • Must be a current Minnesota resident and been a resident the previous year
  • Must be at least 15 years old
  • Can't have claimed as a dependent in the previous tax year

How to Apply

It is an online application portal where rebates are issued on a first come first serve basis

  • Retailers: Applications open on May 1st
  • Individuals: Applications open on June 5th
  • Rebates are issued starting July 1st

You will receive the rebate by email. Once you receive the rebate you have two months to use it at an approved retailer.

What E-Bike Can I Get?

Any electric bike that is legal under Minnesota state law is eligible for the rebate. Class 1, 2, and 3 e-bikes are all part of the program.

Accessories are also a part of the program as long as you buy them with the electric bike. Eligible accessories are helmets, locks, lights, baskets, backpacks, fenders, racks, and reflective clothing.

Purchase from an approved local retailer.

Do your Research

Use our brand buyer's guides if you want in depth information on different electric bike brands. After you have bought your e-bike our Minneapolis E-Bike City Guide is a helpful resource to get to know the city's best trails and local rules.