Liverpool is a vibrant city that offers great opportunities for electric biking enthusiasts to ride. Whether you are a local looking for a new adventure or a tourist exploring the city, electric biking in Liverpool is a great way to experience the sights and sounds of this lively city in a fun and productive way.

Liverpool's Electric Bike Trails

Liverpool is a city that offers a variety of bike trails, from scenic waterfront routes to picturesque countryside paths. Here are some of the best bike trails in Liverpool:

Liverpool Loop Line

The Liverpool Loop Line is a 10-mile off-road bike trail that follows the route of an old railway line, passing through several parks and green spaces along the way.

Liverpool Waterfront

The Liverpool Waterfront is a scenic route that follows the River Mersey, offering stunning views of the city's iconic landmarks, such as the Royal Albert Dock and the Liverpool Cathedral.

Sefton Coastal Path

The Sefton Coastal Path is a 22-mile coastal route that starts in Crosby and passes through several charming towns and villages, including Formby and Southport.

Calderstones Park

Calderstones Park is a beautiful park in south Liverpool that offers several paths and trails for biking, including a circular route around the park's lake.

Croxteth Hall and Country Park

Croxteth Hall and Country Park is a 500-acre park in north Liverpool that offers several biking trails, including a 6.5-mile route that passes through woodland and open fields.

These are just a few of the best bike trails in Liverpool, with options to suit every level of rider. Whether you're looking for a scenic waterfront ride or a challenging off-road trail, Liverpool has plenty of options to choose from.

Liverpool's Electric Bike Infrastructure

Liverpool has made significant investments in recent years to improve its bike infrastructure, making it easier and safer for cyclists to get around the city. Here are some of the bike infrastructure highlights in Liverpool:

  • Bike Lanes: Liverpool has implemented several bike lanes throughout the city, providing dedicated space for cyclists and reducing conflicts with cars and other vehicles.
  • Bike Parking: Liverpool has also installed hundreds of bike parking facilities throughout the city, including bike racks, bike lockers, and secure bike storage facilities.
  • Bike Sharing: Liverpool has launched several bike sharing schemes, such as Voi, which provide affordable and convenient bike rental options for locals and visitors alike.
  • Cycle Superhighways: Liverpool is currently developing a network of cycle superhighways, which are dedicated bike routes that provide fast and direct access to key destinations throughout the city.
  • Cycle Hubs: Liverpool also has several cycle hubs, which are secure facilities that provide bike storage, repair services, and other amenities for commuters and other regular bike users.

Liverpool's Electric Bike Tours

E-Bike Rental Services in Liverpool

Liverpool offers several options for electric bike rental services, making it easy for visitors and locals to explore the city on two wheels. Here are some of the best e-bike rental services in Liverpool:

Voi Liverpool

Voi Liverpool is a bike share scheme in Liverpool that offers e-bikes to riders that they can pick up and dock throughout the city.

Liverpool Cycle Tours

Liverpool Cycle Tours offers electric bike rentals for exploring the city's landmarks and attractions, including the famous Liverpool Waterfront and the Beatles' childhood homes.

Fat Llama

Fat Llama lets you rent e-bikes from other users in the area in a second hand marketplace.

Liverpool's Best Electric Bike Shops

Liverpool has a thriving cycling community, and there are several bike shops in the city that specialize in electric bikes. Here are some of the best e-bike bike shops in Liverpool:


Cyclehouse is a family-owned bike shop in Warrington that specializes in electric bikes, offering models and parts from leading brands such as Bosch, Shimano, and Yamaha.

Quinn Cycles

Quinn Cycles is one of the best bike shops in Liverpool.  They now have an extensive selection of e-bikes with top brands and different product types. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful with any questions or problems you might have.

Giant Liverpool

Giant has both road and mountain e-bike options.  Is a great spot for gear and accessories as well.

Liverpool's E-Bike Laws and Regulations

In Liverpool, electric bikes are subject to the same rules and regulations as traditional bicycles, with a few exceptions. Here are the local e-bike rules in Liverpool:

  • Maximum Power: The maximum power output for e-bikes in Liverpool is 250 watts, and the maximum speed is 25 kph.
  • Road Safety: E-bike riders are required to follow the same road safety rules as traditional cyclists, such as wearing a helmet, using bike lights at night, and obeying traffic signals.
  • Cycle Paths: E-bikes are permitted on cycle paths and other dedicated bike infrastructure, but they are not allowed on pedestrian paths or pavements.

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