Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular in London. Electric bikes are a great way to navigate the city, beat the traffic, and soak in all that London has to offer. Our comprehensive electric bike guide will help you find the best e-bike trails, shops, and understand the city's e-bike rules.

London's Electric Bike Tours

London is a city with spread out sites and neighbourhoods.  E-bike guided tours are one of the best ways to experience the city and see the sites in an enjoyable and manageable way.  Some of the palaces and parks are large and so a guided e-bike tour is the most convenient and accessible way to see them.  The City of London has interesting sites to see, and a guided e-scooter tour can quickly take you from St Paul's to Tower Bridge.

Renting an Electric Bike in London

There are many options and places to rent an electric bike in London.  Many of the city's bike shops offer rentals and in some cases offer guided tours.

Santander Cycles

This bike-sharing scheme offers pedal-assist electric bikes that can be rented from over 100 docking stations across London. The bikes can be rented with a credit or debit card or through the Santander Cycles app.


This dock less bike-sharing scheme offers electric bikes that can be located and unlocked with the Lime app. The bikes can be found throughout central London and the surrounding areas.

Pedal Me

Pedal Me offers on-demand electric bike taxi services in London, with the option to hire a bike for a set period of time. The bikes can carry up to two passengers and are fitted with weather protection.


This bike-sharing scheme offers electric bikes that can be unlocked with the Freebike app. The bikes can be found throughout central London and come with built-in phone chargers.


Zoomo is a subscription e-bike service that allows you to rent an e-bike on a weekly or monthly term. They are popular with delivery drivers looking for a cheaper and faster way to navigate the city without having to splurge on an e-bike. They have retail locations in Fulham, Cambridge Heath, and Streatham.

London's Best Electric Bike Shops

There are many great electric bike shops in London. Here are a few options to consider:

Fully Charged

Fully Charged is a shop just south of the Thames in Southwark offers a wide range of electric bikes, including cargo bikes, folding bikes, and commuter bikes. They also offer test rides and a demo fleet.


Velorution is a shop with locations across London offers a curated selection of electric bikes from top brands, as well as bike accessories and clothing. They also offer repairs and maintenance services.

London Green Cycles

London Green Cycles is a specialist in electric cargo bikes they are the best spot in London to buy, get a replacement part, or get service for a cargo e-bike.

Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman is an independent bike shop that has a great selection of electric bikes.  They might have the widest selection of city-friendly election bikes in London.  Their brands include Urwahn, Vello, Achielle, Veloe, Specialized, Benno, Tern, Riese & Muller, and Gazelle.

Evans Cycles

Evans Cycles is located in Kings Cross and they are one of the best bike retailers in London.  They carry all types of electric bikes including hybrid, mountain, road, folding, and scooters.  It is a great place for accessories, parts, and services.

NewGen Bikes

NewGen Bikes has electric bikes for commuters and city riders.  They offer e-bikes and accessories, as well as the opportunity to test ride an e-bike.

Electric Bike Infrastructure in London

Electric bike infrastructure in London is growing, although it is still somewhat limited compared to other cities. Here are a few examples of electric bike infrastructure in the city:

Cycle Superhighways

These are dedicated bike lanes that provide fast and direct routes into central London from the surrounding areas. Some sections of the Cycle Superhighways have been upgraded to include segregated electric bike lanes.


These are a network of low-traffic routes that provide a more relaxed cycling experience. Some sections of the Quietways have been upgraded to include electric bike charging stations.

Low Traffic Neighborhoods

These are residential areas that have been designed to reduce traffic and improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians. Many of these neighborhoods include electric bike charging stations.

Bike Sharing Schemes

Several bike-sharing schemes in London offer electric bikes for rent, including Santander Cycles, Lime, and Jump. These bikes can be used on existing bike infrastructure or on regular roads.

E-bike-friendly Parking

Some parking facilities in London have dedicated spaces for electric bikes, including secure bike parking facilities and charging stations.

London's Best Electric Bike Trails

London has an abundance of great electric bike trails.

Thames Path

This trail follows the Thames River, taking you past many of London's iconic landmarks.

A crowded path along the Thames in London

Richmond Park

This trail takes you through one of London's largest parks, where you can see deer and other wildlife.

A cyclist riding through Richmond Park in London

Regents Canal

This trail takes you along the canal, through Camden Lock and Little Venice, and past London Zoo.

Lee Valley Regional Park

This trail takes you through a beautiful nature reserve, with opportunities to see wildlife and explore the River Lee.

Olympic Park

This trail takes you through the site of the 2012 Olympic Games, where you can see many of the new facilities and enjoy the beautifully landscaped areas.

London's E-Bike Rules and Regulations

In London, electric bikes have similar rules to

  • The motor must have a maximum power output of 250 watts.
  • The bike must not be able to travel at more than 25 km/h under motor power alone.
  • Riders must be at least 14 years old.
  • Riders do not need a license, registration, or insurance.
  • E-bikes can be ridden on cycle paths and cycle lanes, but not on footpaths.
  • Riders must wear a cycle helmet when riding on public roads.

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