Electric bikes  are becoming increasingly popular in Madrid as a convenient and efficient way to move around the city. Madrid has implemented bike lanes and infrastructure to encourage e-bike usage, and many residents and visitors are taking advantage of this.

E-bikes are particularly popular among commuters, as they provide an easy and fast way to get around the city, avoiding traffic and the high costs of public transportation. They are also used for leisure activities, such as sightseeing and exploring the city's many parks and trails.

Electric bike usage in Madrid is on the rise, as the city continues to promote sustainable transportation options and reduce carbon emissions.

Madrid's Electric Bike Tours

Renting an Electric Bike in Madrid

Renting an electric bike in Madrid is a great way to explore the city. There are many bike rental companies throughout the city that offer e-bike rentals.

Madrid is a city with so much beauty and so many fantastic things to see so guided e-bike tours are another great option.  The comprehensive guided e-bike tour of the city is one of the best introductions you can have to Madrid and all of its famous sites.  The e-bike tour through Retiro Park is a perfect afternoon in one of the city's best green spaces.  It is a lovely-looking city and the e-bike city tour as the sun sets is one of the most stunning experiences you can have.  For fans of the beautiful game, the e-bike tour out to Real Madrid is an experience that is tough to beat.

Madrid's Best Electric Bike Shops

Madrid has many excellent electric bike shops that offer a wide variety of e-bike models, accessories, and maintenance services. Some of the best electric bike shops in Madrid include:

Eco Moving Sports

Eco Moving Sports is a leading e-bike retailer in Madrid, with a wide selection of high-quality e-bikes from top brands like Brompton, Specialized, and Riese & Müller. They also offer maintenance and repair services, as well as rental options.

Ciclos Corredor

Ciclos Corredor is a family-run bike shop in Madrid, with a long history of providing high-quality bikes and excellent customer service. They offer a range of e-bikes, including mountain, road, and city models, as well as maintenance and repair services.


Biciclick is a bike shop in Madrid with other locations throughout the country.  They offer a wide range of electric bike types and brands. The shop is also a great spot for any accessories or service you might need.

Electric Bike Infrastructure in Madrid

Madrid has made significant efforts to improve its electric bike infrastructure in recent years, in order to promote sustainable transportation options and reduce carbon emissions. Some of the key elements of Madrid's e-bike infrastructure include:

Improved Bike lanes

Madrid has a network of bike lanes throughout the city, with dedicated lanes for cyclists and e-bikes. These lanes are often separated from car traffic, making cycling safer and more accessible.

More Abundant Bike Parking

Madrid has also installed numerous bike parking facilities throughout the city, including secure parking garages and bike racks in public areas. This makes it easier and more convenient for e-bike riders to park and store their bikes while running errands or exploring the city.

Better Bike-Sharing Programs

Madrid has several bike-sharing programs, including BiciMAD, which offers both traditional and electric bikes for rental. These programs make it easy and affordable for residents and visitors to access e-bikes for short-term use.

Madrid's Electric Bike Trails

Madrid offers a variety of excellent electric bike trails, with options for all skill levels and interests. Some of the best electric bike trails in Madrid include:

Madrid Rio

Madrid Rio is a popular bike trail that runs along the banks of the Manzanares River, offering beautiful views of the city and plenty of opportunities for sightseeing and exploring. The trail is relatively flat and easy to ride, making it a great option for beginners.

Casa de Campo

Casa de Campo is a large park located just west of the city center, with over 1,700 hectares of trails and natural beauty to explore. The park offers a range of bike trails, from easy to challenging, as well as stunning views of the city and surrounding countryside.

El Retiro Park

El Retiro Park is one of the most popular parks in Madrid, with beautiful gardens, fountains, and historic buildings. The park also offers several bike trails, including a scenic loop around the central lake, as well as opportunities to explore the nearby neighborhoods.

A man bending over in El Retiro Park in Madrid

Anillo Verde

Anillo Verde is a series of greenways that encircle the city of Madrid, offering a total of 64 kilometers of bike trails to explore. The greenways offer a mix of urban and rural scenery, as well as access to many of Madrid's parks and natural areas.

Senda Real

Senda Real is a long-distance bike trail that runs from Madrid to the historic town of Aranjuez, offering a scenic and challenging ride through the countryside. The trail is well-marked and maintained, with plenty of opportunities to stop and explore along the way.

Madrid's E-Bike Rules and Regulations

In Madrid, electric bikes are subject to the same traffic rules and regulations as traditional bicycles. However, there are a few specific rules and regulations that apply to e-bikes in the city:

  • Maximum speed: E-bikes in Madrid are limited to a maximum speed of 25 km/h.
  • Power limit: E-bikes in Madrid are limited to a maximum power output of 250 watts.
  • Age limit: Riders of e-bikes in Madrid must be at least 14 years old.
  • Helmet requirement: While not required by law, it is recommended that all e-bike riders in Madrid wear a helmet for safety.
  • Riding on bike lanes: E-bikes are allowed to ride on bike lanes in Madrid, which are marked with a white line and a bike symbol. However, e-bikes are not allowed to ride on pedestrian paths.

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