There are few cities in the world that have a higher electric bike penetration than Amsterdam.   It has shown the world what is possible for urban environments when cycling infrastructure is transformed and prioritized.  Amsterdam has a well-developed infrastructure for cycling, with dedicated bike lanes and paths throughout the city. This makes it easy and safe to ride an electric bike, even in heavy traffic.

Riding an electric bike in Amsterdam is a great way to avoid traffic, save money on transportation, and reduce your carbon footprint. It is also a fun and healthy way to explore the city and its surrounding areas.

Overall, electric bikes are a great way to get around Amsterdam and explore the city's many attractions. With a well-developed cycling infrastructure and plenty of rental options available, it's easy to see why e-bikes are becoming so popular in Amsterdam.

Our e-bike guide to Amsterdam will help you navigate the city.

Amsterdam Electric Bike Tours

Amsterdam in so many ways is built to be explored on a bike.  An e-bike sightseeing tour is the best way to get a feel for the city and to understand its pulse while hitting all of the key sites.  Amsterdam has a diverse set of interesting neighbourhoods to see, an e-bike tour is one of the best ways to do it.

The Dutch countryside is a beautiful place to explore.  Taking an e-bike tour of the area's surrounding Amsterdam is one of the best ways to get a feel for the culture of the Netherlands.

Renting an Electric Bike in Amsterdam

To rent an electric bike in Amsterdam, you can look for bike rental companies like MacBike or Swapfiets, or use bike-sharing services like OV-fiets or Hely.

Most electric bike shops in Amsterdam also offer a rental service where you can trial an e-bike for the day to get a feel for how it performs around the city.

Amsterdam's Best Electric Bike Shops

Some of the best electric bike shops in Amsterdam are:

Urban E-Bikes

Urban E-Bikes is an e-bike specialist with a wide range of electric bike brands.  They carry all types of e-bikes including cargo e-bikes, e-scooters, mountain e-bikes, and commuter e-bikes.

Amsterdam Fietswinkel

Amsterdam Fietswinkel is one of the best bike stores in Amsterdam.  They have an extensive range of e-bike inventory across all brands and product categories.  This is also one of the best places to take your e-bike for necessary repairs or part replacements.


QicQ offers a premium selection of electric bikes from top brands like Gazelle, Kalkhoff, and Klever.

Batavus E-Bike Store Amsterdam

Offers a wide selection of electric bikes from the well-known Dutch brand Batavus.

Electric Bike Infrastructure in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a well-developed infrastructure for electric bikes.

Bike Lanes

Amsterdam has a vast network of bike lanes, including dedicated lanes for electric bikes.

Charging Stations

There are numerous charging stations for electric bikes located throughout the city.

Parking Facilities

There are many designated bike parking facilities in Amsterdam, including secure indoor parking options for electric bikes.

City Policies

The city has also implemented policies to promote electric biking, such as providing financial incentives for purchasing an electric bike and creating a network of fast lanes for electric bikes.

All of these factors contribute to making Amsterdam a very bike-friendly city, including electric bikes.

Best Amsterdam E-Bike Trails

Amsterdam and its surrounding areas have many great electric bike trails.

Amstel River Trail

This trail follows the Amstel River from Amsterdam to Ouderkerk aan de Amstel and offers beautiful scenery and stops at local cafes.

The Amstel River Trail in Amsterdam

Waterland Trail

This trail takes you through the picturesque Waterland region, with its charming villages, scenic canals, and rolling countryside.

Vondelpark Trail

This trail takes you through Amsterdam's most famous park, Vondelpark, which offers a peaceful retreat from the city's hustle and bustle.

Bike riders out on Vondelpark Trail in Amsterdam

Zaanse Schans Trail

This trail takes you to the famous Zaanse Schans open-air museum, where you can see traditional Dutch windmills and sample local cheeses.

Amsterdam's E-Bike Rules and Regulations

  • Safety Equipment: Wearing a helmet is not mandatory, but it is recommended. Electric bikes must be equipped with lights and reflectors to be ridden at night.
  • Road Rules: In Amsterdam, electric bikes are subject to the same rules as regular bicycles, with a few additional regulations specific to electric bikes. Electric bikes must follow the same traffic rules as regular bicycles, including obeying traffic lights and signs and yielding to pedestrians.
  • Bike Specifications: The maximum power output for an electric bike in Amsterdam is 250 watts. The maximum assisted speed for an electric bike in Amsterdam is 25 km/h.
  • Where to Ride:
  • Age Restrictions: You must be at least 16 years old to ride an electric bike in Amsterdam.
  • Administrative Regulations: Electric bikes do not need to be insured unless they travel at over 25 km/h.

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