Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular in Barcelona. Barcelona is a densely populated city with heavy traffic, making it difficult to get around by car or public transportation. E-bikes provide a faster and more convenient alternative, allowing riders to bypass traffic and reach their destinations more quickly. Barcelona is also a hilly city, which can make cycling challenging for some riders. E-bikes provide assistance for uphill climbs, making cycling more accessible and enjoyable for riders of all skill levels.

Barcelona is a popular tourist destination, and many visitors are interested in exploring the city by bike. E-bikes provide a fun and convenient way for tourists to see the city, without having to worry about the physical demands of traditional cycling.

All of this adds up to e-bike usage in Barcelona exploding in recent years. The city has also made efforts to improve its e-bike infrastructure, including the installation of bike lanes and e-bike parking facilities, as well as the promotion of e-bike rentals and sales. E-bikes are becoming an increasingly important part of Barcelona's transportation landscape.

Barcelona's Electric Bike Tours

Renting an Electric Bike in Barcelona

Barcelona is such a great city to explore, so a comprehensive e-bike tour with a flexible itinerary is the best way to explore the city.  You can also explore some of the more colourful neighbourhoods like Montjunc Hill and Gothic Quarter with a different e-bike guided tour.  The city does contain many dimensions so there is also the option of the e-bike tour combined with a cable car ride and a boat cruise to really see all that Barcelona has to offer.

There are also so many different niches for e-bike tours in Barcelona where you can see the city in your desired way.  The Barcelona e-bike photography tour is one of the most unique offerings there is.  For history buffs, it is tough to beat a Barcelona e-bike-guided history tour.  For art history enthusiasts, there is nothing more unique than seeing Barcelona through the eyes of Picasso on a guided e-bike tour.  Of course for the wine enthusiast, one of the several e-bike tours through the local wine country is at the top of the do list.

Barcelona's Best Electric Bike Shops

Barcelona offers a wide selection of electric bike shops, catering to a range of budgets and styles. Here are some of the best e-bike shops in Barcelona:

LaBosch Barcelona

LaBosch Barcelona is one of the best e-bike shops in Barcelona.  They have a wide range of e-bike types, almost any e-bike brand you could want, and a full suite of repair services and financing options.

Biciclot Barcelona

Biciclot is a popular bike shop in Barcelona that offers a range of e-bikes and traditional bikes, as well as bike repairs and maintenance services.


Bicitecla is one of the best cycling shops in the city, right in the heart of Barcelona. They carry an impressive selection of top e-bike brands. Good service options, financing possibilities, and warranties.

Electric Bike Infrastructure in Barcelona

Barcelona has been working to expand its e-bike infrastructure in recent years, with a focus on improving bike lanes, parking facilities, and other amenities for cyclists. Here are some of the key features of e-bike infrastructure in Barcelona:

Bike Lanes

Barcelona has a growing network of bike lanes throughout the city, with over 200 km of dedicated bike paths and lanes. Many of these lanes are protected from vehicle traffic, making them safer and more comfortable for cyclists.

Bike Parking

Barcelona has also been working to improve its bike parking facilities, with new bike racks, parking stations, and bike lockers installed throughout the city.

Traffic Calming Measures

To make cycling safer and more appealing, Barcelona has implemented various traffic calming measures, such as reducing speed limits and prioritizing bike and pedestrian traffic in certain areas.

Bike Sharing

Barcelona's bike sharing program, Bicing, offers both traditional and electric bikes for rent, with over 6,000 bikes available at more than 400 stations throughout the city.

Overall, while there is still room for improvement, Barcelona's e-bike infrastructure is expanding and becoming more accessible, making it easier and safer for residents and visitors to get around the city by e-bike.

Barcelona's Electric Bike Trails

Barcelona offers a variety of scenic and challenging e-bike trails, ranging from coastal rides to mountain climbs. Here are some of the best e-bike trails in Barcelona:

Collserola Park

Collserola Park is a vast natural area just outside the city, with over 8,000 hectares of forests, hills, and trails. The park offers a variety of e-bike trails, ranging from gentle family rides to more challenging mountain climbs.

Besos River Greenway

The Besos River Greenway is a popular e-bike trail that follows the banks of the Besos River from the city to the sea. The trail is mostly flat and offers scenic views of the river and surrounding areas.

Barcelona Coastal Route

The Barcelona Coastal Route is a popular e-bike trail that follows the Mediterranean coastline from the city to the town of Castelldefels. The route offers stunning views of the sea and mountains and features a mix of bike lanes and shared roads.

Montjuic Hill

Montjuic Hill is a steep climb located in the heart of the city, offering panoramic views of Barcelona and the surrounding areas. While the climb can be challenging, the views and historic sites at the top make it a worthwhile e-bike ride.

From Montjuic Hill in Barcelona

Tibidabo Mountain

Tibidabo Mountain is a challenging e-bike ride that offers stunning views of Barcelona and the Mediterranean. The climb is steep and includes some rocky sections, but the panoramic views and unique landscapes make it a popular choice for more experienced riders.

Before embarking on any e-bike ride, be sure to research the route, check the weather forecast, and pack appropriate safety gear, including helmets, lights, and reflective clothing.

Barcelona's E-Bike Rules and Regulations

  • Safety Equipment: E-bike riders in Barcelona are required to wear helmets at all times, regardless of their age or the speed of the bike.
  • Road Rules: In Barcelona, e-bikes are subject to similar traffic regulations as traditional bicycles, with a few additional restrictions.
  • Bike Specifications: E-bikes in Barcelona are limited to a maximum power output of 250 watts, and a maximum speed of 25 km/h. E-bikes that exceed these limits are classified as mopeds and must comply with additional regulations.
  • Where to Ride: E-bikes are allowed to use dedicated bike lanes in Barcelona, but may not use pedestrian areas or sidewalks.
  • Age Restrictions:
  • Administrative Regulations: E-bike riders in Barcelona are not required to have insurance, but it is recommended, as accidents can still occur.

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