Dublin is a city with a rich history and a vibrant culture. With its beautiful parks and bustling streets it is a great place to explore by bike. Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular in Dublin.

Whether you're a local or a visitor, electric biking in Dublin is a fantastic way to get around and see the city's many sights. In this guide, we'll explore some of the best routes and tips for electric biking in Dublin.

Dublin's Best Electric Bike Trails

Dublin has many great trails and paths for electric biking enthusiasts. Here are some of the best electric bike trails in Dublin:

Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park is one of the largest urban parks in Europe, and it's an ideal spot for electric biking. There are several cycle paths throughout the park, and you can explore its many attractions, including Dublin Zoo, the Wellington Monument, and the People's Garden.

Grand Canal Greenway

This is a 7 km trail that runs alongside the Grand Canal from the city centre to the suburb of Inchicore. It's a scenic route that takes you past historic landmarks, such as the Guinness Brewery and Kilmainham Gaol.

Dublin Bay Cycle Path

This is a 22 km trail that runs along the coast from Sutton to Dun Laoghaire. It offers stunning views of Dublin Bay and takes you past several picturesque villages, including Howth and Sandycove.

Dodder Greenway

This is a 14 km trail that follows the River Dodder from Tallaght to Ringsend. It's a peaceful and scenic route that takes you through several parks and nature reserves, including the Dodder Linear Park and Bushy Park.

Wicklow Mountains

If you're looking for a more challenging ride, the Wicklow Mountains offer some fantastic electric bike trails. You can explore the stunning scenery of the mountains and take in sights such as the Sally Gap and the Glencree Valley.

These are just a few of the many great electric bike trails in Dublin. Remember to always wear a helmet, follow traffic rules, and stay aware of your surroundings. Happy riding!

Dublin's Electric Bike Infrastructure

Dublin is actively working to improve its cycling infrastructure to accommodate the growing popularity of electric bikes. Here are some of the key features of Dublin's electric bike infrastructure:

  • Cycle Lanes: Dublin has many cycle lanes that provide safe and dedicated space for cyclists, including electric bike riders. Some cycle lanes are protected from traffic by physical barriers or bollards, which can make for a safer and more comfortable riding experience.
  • Bike Parking: Dublin has many bike racks and secure bike parking facilities located throughout the city, making it easier for electric bike riders to find a place to park their bikes securely.
  • Cycle-friendly Streets: The city has been working to create more cycle-friendly streets by reducing car traffic and lowering speed limits. This makes it safer and more pleasant for electric bike riders to share the road with other vehicles.
  • Bike Rental Schemes: Dublin has several bike rental schemes, including the popular Dublinbikes, which offers electric bikes for rent. This makes it easy for visitors and residents to try out electric bikes without having to invest in their own bike.
  • E-bike Charging Stations: The city is starting to install e-bike charging stations, which provide a convenient place for electric bike riders to charge their batteries while they're out and about.

Overall, Dublin's electric bike infrastructure is improving and expanding, making it easier and more accessible for people to enjoy the many benefits of electric biking.

Dublin's Electric Bike Tours

Renting an Electric Bike in Dublin

If you're looking to rent an electric bike in Dublin, there are several options available to you. Here's a guide to renting an electric bike in Dublin:

  • Dublinbikes: This is a bike-sharing scheme that operates in Dublin city centre. The bikes are available for short-term rental, and electric bikes are available for an additional fee. You can sign up online or at one of the many Dublinbikes stations located throughout the city.
  • Bleeper Bikes: Bleeper Bikes is another bike-sharing scheme that operates in Dublin. They offer electric bikes for rent, and you can sign up online or through their app. Bleeper Bikes are available in the city centre and surrounding areas.
  • Phoenix Park Bikes: If you're looking to explore Phoenix Park by electric bike, Phoenix Park Bikes is a good option. They offer electric bike rentals for adults and children, and their bikes come with helmets and locks included.
  • Greenaer: Greenaer is an electric bike shop that offers electric bike rentals in Dublin. They have a range of e-bikes available for rent, including city bikes, touring bikes, and mountain bikes. You can reserve a bike online or visit their shop in person.

Dublin's Best Electric Bike Shops

If you're looking to buy an electric bike in Dublin, or you need repairs or accessories for your current e-bike, there are several great bike shops in the city that specialize in electric bikes. Here are some of the best electric bike shops in Dublin:


Greenaer is a popular electric bike shop in Dublin. They sell a range of electric bikes from top brands like Haibike, Gocycle, and Orbea. They also offer bike rentals, repairs, and accessories.


360cycles has a location in Dublin. They sell a range of high-quality electric bikes from brands like Haibike, Moustache, and Raleigh. They also offer bike rentals and repairs.

City Cycles

City Cycles is a family-owned bike shop in Dublin that specializes in electric bikes. They sell a range of e-bikes and parts from top brands like Bosch and Shimano, as well as traditional bikes. They also offer bike rentals, repairs, and accessories.

The Electric Bike Store

The Electric Bike Store is another great option for electric bike enthusiasts in Dublin. They sell a range of e-bikes from brands like Brompton, Specialized, and Cube. They also offer bike rentals, repairs, and accessories.

Dublin's E-Bike Rules and Regulations

  • Safety Equipment: Cyclists, including those riding electric bikes, are required to wear helmets in Ireland.
  • Road Rules: Electric bikes are subject to the same rules of the road as traditional bikes. This means you must obey traffic signals and signs, ride in the same direction as traffic, and use hand signals when turning.
  • Bike Specifications: In Ireland, electric bikes are classified as bicycles as long as they meet certain criteria. Specifically, they must have a motor with a maximum power output of 250 watts, and the motor must only assist the rider when they are pedaling.
  • Where to Ride: While it is legal to ride an electric bike on the road, you should use designated cycle paths when possible. In Dublin, there are many cycle lanes and bike paths that provide safe and convenient routes for cyclists. Electric bikes should not be ridden on the sidewalk, as this can pose a danger to pedestrians.
  • Age Restrictions:
  • Administrative Requirements:

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