Bike sharing has woven itself into the fabric of North American urban mobility, offering residents and visitors alike a sustainable, healthy, and convenient way to navigate their city. This guide highlights the largest and most influential bike share systems across North America.

Citi Bike (New York City, USA)

A dock full of bikes in New York's Cii Bike Bike Share program

New York City's Citi Bike stands as the undisputed leader of bike sharing in North America. Launched in 2013, it has grown to become not only the largest system in the U.S. but also a model for urban bike sharing worldwide. With over 30,000 bikes and close to 2000 docking stations spread across New York City in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Jersey City.  Citi bike has added electric bikes to it's fleet in recent years now with over 4,000 e-bikes that you can for an extra fee. Citi Bike facilitates millions of rides each year, proving essential for both residents and tourists.

Divvy (Chicago, USA)

A rack full of bikes in Chicago's Divvy Bike Share program

Chicago's Divvy system is a beacon of bike sharing in the Midwest, offering a robust network of bicycles across Chicago. With over 15,000 bikes (a large portion of which are electric bikes) and 650 docking stations, Divvy serves a wide range of users, from commuters dodging traffic jams to leisure riders exploring Chicago's scenic lakefront. Its integration with the city's public transportation system further cements Divvy's role in Chicago's transportation ecosystem.

Capital Bikeshare (Washington, D.C., USA)

A full rack of bikes for the Capital Bikeshare in Washington DC

Serving Washington DC along with neighboring areas in Virginia and Maryland, Capital Bikeshare is a cornerstone of the region's transit options. With over 6500 bikes, over 500 ebikes, and 760 stations, it offers a seamless and eco-friendly way for residents and visitors to explore the city's iconic monuments, museums, and neighborhoods. Capital Bikeshare's success has inspired similar systems in other cities, highlighting the demand for sustainable urban transport solutions.

BIXI (Montreal, Canada)

The logo for Bixi the Montreal Bike Share

As one of the pioneers of bike sharing in North America, Montreal's BIXI system has set a high standard for bike sharing in Canada. With around 10,000 bikes, over 2600 of which are electric bikes, and 800 stations, BIXI is a vital part of Montreal's public transportation network. Its popularity peaks during the city's vibrant summer months, when locals and tourists alike take to two wheels to enjoy the city's festivals, parks, and riverfronts.

Bay Wheels (San Francisco Bay Area, USA)

The logo for Baywheels Bike Share in the Bay Area

Bay Wheels serves the San Francisco Bay Area, including San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose. With over 7000 bikes (including electric bikes) and 550 stations, Bay Wheels is tailored to the unique topography and commuting patterns of the Bay Area, offering both docked and dockless bikes, including electric bikes to tackle the region's notorious hills. It exemplifies how bike sharing systems can adapt to meet specific local needs.

Bike Share Toronto (Toronto, Canada)

The logo for Bike Share Toronto

Toronto's Bike Share system has rapidly expanded since its inception, now boasting over 7100 bikes, 1800 electric bikes, and 750 stations across Toronto. It provides Torontonians and visitors with an accessible, flexible, and eco-friendly transportation option, facilitating short trips and connections with other public transit modes. The system's growth reflects Toronto's commitment to promoting cycling as a key component of urban mobility.

Mobi (Vancouver, BC)

A full bike rack in the Vancouver's Bike Share Program

Vancouver introduced its public bike share system in July 2016. Mobi has quickly become an integral part of Vancouver's transportation network, offering residents and visitors a convenient way to navigate the city. The program has expanded to over 2000 bikes, 200 stations, and to include electric bikes, covering a significant portion of Vancouver, including downtown, the West End, and parts of East Vancouver.

Blue Bikes (Boston, Massachusetts)

The Blue Bikes Bike Share in Boston

Boston's bike-share program, known as Bluebikes, is a cornerstone of the city's transportation. Launched in 2011 the system has grown significantly, now boasting over 400 stations, 4000 bikes, and 750 electric bikes available across Boston, as well as neighboring Cambridge, Brookline, and Somerville.