If you're interested in trying an electric bike, there are several options available to you. From bike shops to community events, there are many opportunities to test ride and experience the benefits of an electric bike. We'll explore the various places where you can try an electric bike and discover which one is right for you.

Local Bike Shops

The Cycle Exchange in Kingston upon Thames, UK
The Cycle Exchange in Kingston upon Thames, UK. Photo by Tom Austin

Find the best local electric bike shops in your city with our e-bike city guides. Many bike shops carry a variety of electric bikes and will often have demo models available for customers to try.  The staff at a local bike shop are usually knowledgeable about the different types of electric bikes available and can provide you with advice and recommendations based on your needs. A local bike shop typically has a range of top electric bikes for you to try out, so you can compare different models and find the one that's right for you. If you do decide to purchase an electric bike, a local bike shop can provide you with ongoing maintenance and support to keep your bike in top condition.

City Bike Shares

A Bike Share rack in Washington DC

If you live in a large city there is a good chance that you have a local bike share program with electric bikes as part of their fleet. It is a low risk way to try out an e-bike. You can easily rent an electric bike from a bike share station located throughout the city, without having to worry about storage or maintenance. Bike shares allow you to get a real-world feel for what riding an electric bike is like.

Community Events

Electric bike companies and local bike shops often participate in community events such as bike expos and festivals, where you can try out different models.

There are several types of community events where you may have the opportunity to try out an electric bike:

  • Bike Expos: Events specifically focused on bikes, including electric bikes. You'll have the chance to see the latest models, compare different brands, and try out bikes from multiple manufacturers.
  • Green Transportation Events: Green transportation events focus on environmentally friendly modes of transportation, including electric bikes. These events are a great opportunity to learn about the benefits of electric bikes and test ride different models.
  • Community Festivals: Community festivals and fairs often include exhibits and demonstrations of various products, including electric bikes. You'll have the opportunity to see the bikes in action and try them out for yourself.
  • Bike Demo Days: Many bike shops and manufacturers host bike demo days where you can try out the latest electric bikes on local trails or roads. These events provide a more in-depth test ride experience, giving you a chance to see how the bike performs in different conditions.

Manufacturer Showrooms

Some of the major electric bike manufacturers have showrooms where you can test-ride their products. Trying out an electric bike at a manufacturer's showroom can have several benefits. Showrooms usually display the latest models of electric bikes from the manufacturer, giving you a chance to try out the latest technology and features. Showrooms typically have a wide selection of their particular brands allowing you to compare different models and find the one that best suits your needs.